Choose the perfect bikini for your body type

Choose the perfect bikini for your body type

Choose the perfect bikini for your body type

Updated: May 30, 2022

White sandy beaches, bright blue seas and the blistering sun. Isn't delightful summer and the holidays are on the way again? For this tropical season, each woman obviously needs one (or more) perfect bikinis for their body type! That's why we've selected an exclusive range of the most feminine and tropical bikinis, swimsuits and accessories to walk on the beach and feel like a goddess! Kokoaka Collection is here to help you find the perfect bikini for your body type and bring out your confidence to the fullest, as every woman is unique in their own ways! So, which bikinis will have to choose for you?



H-Line: For an H-Line body, it is important to draw attention to the top instead of the hips. Pick a patterned piece at top, as these widen the upper body. Try plain colours for bottoms to narrow your hips. High leg bikinis are the best to give you some more glass shape to your body.


V-Line: For a V-Line body, swimsuits are a good choice in terms of design, but if you choose a bikini then choose a triangle or a V line bikini Top, with bottoms that have knots on the sides so it can give you some balance shape to your body.


Straight A-Line: Choose a bikini or a swimsuit with a push-up or underwire top, it will flatter your chest and the whole body. To make your chest look more bold try to choose bright colours such as red, orange, purple or bright blue or some bright prints. Pick solid colours at the bottom to balance the body.


Pearl A-Line: Choose a bikini or a swimsuit with a push-up or underwire detail for the top. Go for bright top colours or prints. As a result to emphasise on the top part. Do rather cover up and give more shape to your body? Wear bottom high waist & high leg bikinis with elastic line on the top to give the glass shape to your body. If you like to feel more free try to find bottom bikinis in darker colour.


8-Line/Hourglass: The 8-Line body can go all ways with swimwear. In terms of designs and silhouettes almost anything is possible. Try picking high cut bottoms or swimsuits with solid colours. Pick minimal cuts to accent your pretty waist.


O-Line/Apple: The O-Line body, go for some high leg cuts to cause a total slimming look. Strapless with high waist will look good, probably and some pearls on your neck? You will look like a diamond if you go for a shiny fabrics for some eye-catching details.. For a swimsuit try to go again for a high leg, it will make you look elegant.


Big Breasts: If you have large breasts, it is important to choose a bikini that provides good support. Take a bikini with a underwire and adjustable straps, you can also go for triangles with long straps, you can wear it in so many ways that will support your breast no matter how big it is. Most of the swimsuits even without underwire will do good if you want to show less Breast.


Small Breasts: The easiest way to give your breasts a natural volume is to choose top with padded cups or push-up. Details such as frills, bows and ruffles also provide extra volume.


PS. Curious how can you style your beach looks into details.